Whether an elderly loved one has a caregiver or lives in your home, spending quality time with them will provide a better quality of life. These social interactions prevent them from feeling lonely, improving their mental state. Here are a few activities you can pursue with a beloved senior to ensure they feel happy and fulfilled.

How Can You Entertain Elderly Loved Ones?

1. Movie Nights

Movies offer a great bonding experience for the whole family. Make a night of it by preparing light snacks and refreshments while also ensuring you abide by any dietary restrictions the senior may have. 

When choosing movies, ask your loved one for recommendations, so they're engaged with the experience. This activity also gives you and your family plenty to talk about after the film has ended, allowing you to spend more time with them.

2. Board Games


Board games have a lot to offer in terms of socialization, but they also provide ample mental stimulation. These activities can improve cognitive performance in the brain and possibly reduce the risk of dementia. 

With various options for every skill level and age, you're sure to find the perfect selection for your family. Board games are also ideal for people with limited mobility, as they offer fun and engagement while staying in place.

3. Gardening 

Gardening provides great exercise for active seniors with stable mobility. However, the activity still has a lot to offer less-mobile adults, as they can enjoy sitting outside in nature as you lend a hand with their garden. While socialization is important, spending time outdoors can also boost a person's mood and improve their energy levels.

4. Video Calls

If your elderly loved one resides far away from you with their primary caregiver, use mobile devices, including smartphones, to conduct video calls. Schedule a time that works for the senior to ensure you have ample time to talk. If your kids are at home, make sure they take the time to say hello to your loved one. Video calls are a perfect way to catch up with a faraway family member, so schedule one at least once per week. 


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