X-ray imaging is an important diagnostic tool used by dentists to help determine the condition of your oral health. They can capture imagery of the teeth, bones, and other hard tissue beneath the skin, which helps them detect problems and plan treatments. Cone beam radiographic imaging is a recent development in X-ray technology and has a number of unique advantages. Below are some answers to common questions about this new type of X-ray.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cone Beam Imaging

What is it?

A traditional X-ray machine is a static device that takes 2-dimensional radiographic images. Cone beam technology allows the operator to rotate the device around the patient to construct 3-dimensional visual models of the teeth, mouth, and jaw, as well as the ear, nose, and throat. It gets its name from the cone-shaped beam emitted by the imaging device. 

Is it safe?

Cone beam tomography is painless and should result in no adverse effects. The radiation involved in the procedure is about the same as that of a traditional X-ray device. However, consult with your dentist before undergoing the procedure if you're pregnant to minimize radiation exposure.

What are its benefits?


Cone beam scanning gives the dentist a more thorough and accurate picture of the condition of your teeth and jaw than a traditional X-ray. In addition to being 3-dimensional, the image is clearer and more detailed to ensure more accurate diagnoses. It also provides information about the soft tissue and nerve pathways that a traditional scan cannot capture. 

What is it used for?

Cone beam imaging is used for a variety of diagnostic and treatment purposes. For example, your dentist may request cone beam imaging when they are planning to remove teeth, place dental implants, or diagnose cavities. The resulting images also allow them to better detect jaw tumors, visualize abnormal teeth or growths, and assess bone structure, jaws, and sinuses.


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