It’s a sad truth: Clothes rarely remain neatly folded or hung for long. While many might attribute this phenomenon to being messy, it’s more often a result of insufficient storage space. Most homes and apartments do not provide an adequate amount of closet space, but closets can be remodeled with plenty of storage solutions. The closet organizers at Get Organized, located in Rochester, NY, will help homeowners achieve the closets of their dreams with custom design closets that are intended to maximize closet storage and eliminate clutter.

There are easy ways to clean up your closet yourself with little effort. Here are a few tips that will make a big difference in your closet:

  • closet organizersHooks: Installing hooks to the back of your closet doors will add both storage and convenience. They can be used to store jackets and coats or accessories like scarves and necklaces. The experienced professionals at Get Organized are all about enhancing the area you currently have to provide sufficient space for your clothes. Their expertise and advice will help you decide what you need to make room in your closet.
  • Drawers: Providing a place for your folded clothes is just as important as your dresses and coats, and having them occupy the same area will allow you to find everything you need more quickly. Get Organized will help you plan a closet storage plan that is customized to your needs. Whether you need additional drawers, hanging rods, or shelving units, they’ll provide you with the best storage solutions.
  • Lights: It sounds simple, but adding lights to your closet can transform the entire space. With your storage space now illuminated, you will be able to locate everything faster, put outfits together more quickly, and find a home for every piece of clothing so nothing winds up in a pile on the floor.

Now is the time to de-clutter your closet. Get Organized will help you design and install the home storage you need. For more information, call (585) 223-3646, or visit their website.