Whether your dental plan is provided by an employer or privately, putting off using it can unintentionally create treatment and financial issues. It's important to take advantage of your benefits before the end of each calendar year, which is typically Dec. 31 for most providers. Here are several reasons it pays to schedule dentist appointments for you and your family within this time frame. 

3 Reasons to Use Your Dental Benefits Before the Year Ends

1. Stay on Top of Dental Care


Root canals and other major dental care services are often needed because early treatment is delayed. Regular dental appointments help identify minor issues before they become significant ones. Scheduling these visits before year-end provides patients with enough time for preventive care and treatment. Besides staying on top of routine care, you'll have dental insurance benefits in place to cover the services.

2. Take Advantage of Your Yearly Maximum Coverage

Most dental insurance providers establish a minimum dollar amount that policyholders can use for the entire year. While the amount varies based on the dental service, the maximum threshold must be used before the year ends. If the benefits are not used, they typically won't roll over into the following year. It's best to schedule all cleanings and other oral care services with the dentist so that you take full advantage of what your provider offers. 

3. Get the Most From Premiums

If you're paying monthly premiums for your dental services, not putting them to use is wasteful—especially if dental care goes used. Premium payments are generally not carried over to the following year. Get the most from your employer contributions or private payments by utilizing the services they're intended for.


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