When you have a long driveway, one of the best ways to increase the visual appeal of the entrance and maintain security is by installing a gate. You can outfit this feature with a keypad or automatic scanner so that it opens when you approach, providing access to the property. If you're considering installing one for your home, here are several advantages it offers.

Why Should You Install an Entry Gate?

1. Increase Security & Privacy

A gate at the front of your driveway allows you to control who enters and exits the property. This serves as a barrier against potential trespassers and keeps your children and pets safe by preventing them from wandering outside the yard. Additionally, if you don't want neighbors and passersby looking into your home from the outside, a gate is an ideal feature to add to a privacy fence because it limits visual access. You'll have more peace of mind when you don't have to worry about prying eyes.

2. Boost Visual Appeal


An entry gate is a highly valued feature in the real estate market because it contributes to curb appeal. Often, this structure is the first aspect people notice when approaching your home, and the design can reflect your personal style. This allows you to show a version of your interior decorating choices to visitors.

Plus, you have countless design and customization options that can help increase the property's appeal and value. For instance, a metal option with a geometric design and neutral color might suit a contemporary or minimalist home. If your property opens up to busy streets, a metal or wood slider is ideal, offering ample privacy without taking too much effort to open and close. 

3. Provide Convenience

Modern entry gates are automatic, allowing you to choose an access method that suits your needs. For example, you can have sensors that detect a device in your vehicle so that it opens when you approach. Alternatively, you can have a remote control or keypad for on-demand access. Plus, you can partially or fully open the gate and stop the motion at any time with a remote. This means you don't have to operate the feature manually during poor weather.


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