If you love cooking food outdoors, you need quality grills and smokers. There are several different types of these products available, all with different functions and specialties. A pellet grill is one such product. If you have yet to add this item to your outdoor kitchen, here’s what you should know.

Your Guide to Pellet Grills & Smokers

The Functions of a Pellet Grill

These grills use small wood pellets to fuel the fire that it uses to grill or smoke food. However, unlike more traditional wood-burning smokers, pellet grills use power switches to ignite the flame and control the temperature. You don’t need to manually manage the pellets or the flame.

How Pellet Grills Work

smokersEach pellet grill has a small hopper where you add wood pellets. Then it has a burn pot where the flame ignites. When you increase the temperature, the grill releases more of the wood pellets into the flame; then, those create smoke that then cooks the meat and releases a smoky flavor.

How They Differ From Other Grills

Basically, a pellet grill provides a middle ground between an old-fashioned smoker and a modern grill. You still get to enjoy the unique flavor of smoking food with wood, but you can also use electronic controls, so you don’t have to ignite the pellets by hand or go through too much trouble to make temperature adjustments.

The Benefits of Pellet Grills

In addition to offering a smoky flavor and ease of use, pellet grills are also fairly efficient to use. A small number of pellets can burn for a prolonged period of time, and you don’t need to use any propane or additional gas for cooking.


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