Stainless steel is a commonly known material, especially in the world of laundry or kitchen appliances. But what makes it so resilient? Check out the guide below to learn more about the elemental properties of stainless steel why and it lasts longer.

What Is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel contains the elements iron, silicon, manganese, chromium, carbon and, significant amounts of nickel and molybdenum. When these elements combine, they form a very thin, stable film. This acts as a barrier that limits oxygen and water access to the steel surface beneath it and prevents corrosion.

kitchen appliancesCorrosion is the oxidation of a metal that occurs when it reacts with oxygen or water. This is also known as rust. Stainless steel is immune to this phenomenon, which is why it is called ‘stainless.’ 

Common Steel Vs. Stainless Steel

Common steel is mostly comprised of iron and does not resist oxygen and water. Because of this, it is susceptible to iron oxide/hydroxide buildup that continues to grow with time. This buildup, also known as rust or corrosion, can make the steel look orange and rough, weakening the metal itself by replacing the strong components with flaky powder.

Additionally, rust can slowly eat away at the entire piece of common steel and compromise the integrity of the metal. As stated above, stainless steel is protected from corrosion due to its elemental properties. Because laundry and kitchen appliances are perpetually in contact with water, they are often made of stainless steel.


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