If you love to grill, you know that equipment and materials make a huge impact on how the meat turns out. Flavor, efficiency, and easy maintenance are all important factors. If you’re in the market for a new grill, you’re sure to come across pellet grills and electric smokers. Each of these has several advantages. Use the following guide to help you choose the best for your needs.

Pellet Grills & Smokers

Pellet grills and smokers combine the best qualities of their propane, electric, and charcoal counterparts. These systems use a clean-burning blend of wood pellets and electricity to deliver mouth-watering results with a minimal environmental impact.

The electrical component of this grill and smoker allows you to dial in precise temperatures—a must-have feature for grill masters that need total control over how their meat cooks. They also heat up more quickly—roughly 10 minutes—than charcoal and gas units so you can start grilling right away.

You’ll also enjoy rich, smoky flavor since these systems still allow you to burn wood pellets. While not on par with charcoal, you can still count on the densely infused scents and flavors of your wood of choice. You can also mix-and-match woods or add and remove new pellets throughout long cooking processes. Since the system is exclusively electric and wood, you also won’t have to worry about extensive cleanup or soot buildup from cooking.

Electric Grills & Smokers

smoker-crestonExclusively electric smokers and grills are the most convenient grilling option. They’re extremely safe since no open flames are produced or required for cooking and pellet-burning. They’re also cheaper to use than their counterparts. Cleanup is easy, and there’s no downtime after cooking since these units cool quickly.

These smokers do require wall outlet access, however, and you’ll be missing out on some smoky flavors without wood. Like pellet systems, they also have a lot of mechanisms, including thermostats, heating elements, and timers, that can break down and be more difficult to repair.


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