As eco-friendly, time-saving appliances, dishwashers deserve the maintenance that keeps them functional and efficient for years. Below, review tips for maintaining your dishwasher so you continue enjoying clean dishes without the extra work or water usage. 

How to Keep Your Dishwasher in Excellent Condition

1. Rinse Off Food

Prevent appliance stress by rinsing dishes before loading them to remove food particles. The dishwasher won’t have to work as hard to clean the dishes, and will, therefore, use less energy. Rinsing also keeps bacteria from forming on the dishes if they sit in the appliance for a few hours or more before getting clean.

2. Avoid Overloading

dishwashersWash a few dishes by hand so you don’t overload the appliance and cause mechanical stress. Additionally, none of your dishes will be properly cleaned if they’re crammed into your washer. More energy will be used to run the appliance and clean the dishes, silverware, and glassware again.

3. Keep Parts Clean

Clean parts of your dishwasher as per the owner’s manual recommendations to improve efficiency and prevent odors. Use a white vinegar and water mixture to clean and disinfect the spinning arms, edges, and exterior. Unplug the appliance to clear the drain of food debris, and unclog the sprayer arm nozzles with pipe cleaners or a similar implement. Also clean the silverware basket, gaskets, and detergent dispenser to avoid bacteria buildup.

4. Inspect Racks

Check the racks every two months or so and touch up any chipped spots with waterproof rack paint to prevent rust. However, if rust has taken over the racks, replace them to avoid staining your dishes, glasses, and silverware. Replacement racks also keep rust from chipping or scratching the dishes.

5. Eliminate Soap Scum

Fill a small bowl or cup with white vinegar, place it on your top rack, and run the machine. This will clean the dishwasher of soap scum, calcium deposits from hard water, mildew, and any remaining debris buildup. If your appliance is particularly odorous, run it with vinegar two or three times to freshen and deodorize. 


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