When you are on the search for the perfect freezer, it can be tricky to know what to get for your home. Fortunately, by being familiar with the different versions, you can quickly narrow down what would work for your home. Here are three types of freezers you should consider. 

What Are the Different Types of Freezers?

1. Upright Freezers

Designed to look almost identical to an upright refrigerator, upright freezers often contain one or more compartments to house frozen foods. Upright freezers are convenient because they take up a small amount of square footage, while also offering a great deal of storage space.  

2. Display Freezers 

freezerDisplay freezers are designed with windows to allow people to view products for sale. Common in grocery stores and warehouses, display freezers can either be designed as a chest or as an upright freezer with windows.

Display freezers aren’t typically used on a residential basis but can be installed in custom homes for people who want to keep a lot of frozen foods visible and accessible. For instance, some people use display freezers to showcase frozen treats in pool or recreation areas. 

3. Chest Freezers

Chest freezers are designed to allow food to be lowered into the frozen compartment, and range in size from small chest freezers to versions that can hold several hundred pounds of food. Chest freezers are commonly used for food storage since they can be placed easily in garages or basements. 


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