When it comes to kitchen appliances, there are few that’ll serve you better than a quality oven. While stand-alone ones typically include both an oven and stovetop, wall ovens are mounted in the wall and paired with a separate stovetop. If you’re undecided on which option will best complete your kitchen, consider these factors. 

3 Factors to Consider When Deciding Between Stand-Alone & Wall Ovens

 1. Space

A stand-alone oven can be anywhere from 24 to 60-inches wide and typically lines up with the rest of your countertop. If you’re set on two equal-sized ovens, you’d need to top for a sizeable 60-inch model. Generally, a smaller stand-alone oven will conserve space in your kitchen by combining the stovetop and oven space.

On average, a wall oven paired with a stovetop will take up at least 57 inches of space. The cooking area in a typical wall oven is comparable to a 36-inch stand-alone oven. However, if you’d like two ovens that take up less space, you can get a double wall oven; it will provide two, full-sized ovens you can only get with a 60-inch stand-alone. 

2. Appearance

kitchen appliancesWith your oven tucked into the wall, you’ll achieve more of a streamlined aesthetic. You can also choose something other than the standard pull-down door; opt for a side-opening door to make it unique and more accessible. Plus, with a separate stovetop, you’ll have another opportunity to create visual interest in your kitchen.

Alternatively, a stand-alone oven often offers room to express your style and to match your oven with the rest of your kitchen appliances. For example, the knobs on a stand-alone option tend to be large and might remind you of a gourmet kitchen or inspire an industrial theme. Other details, like the hood, can make your oven into a statement piece. 

3. Installation

Both wall and stand-alone ovens will require professional installation. Additionally, both electric and gas wall ovens will require hardwiring. But, because they have internal vents, they won't require vent installation. However, because they don’t include a stovetop, you’ll have to get it installed separately and might incur higher installation costs.

A stand-alone oven can be pushed into the space you’ve allotted for it. Unlike a wall oven, you won't need to customize cabinetry to encase it. In fact, if you prefer, it can stand alone separate from your countertops. With one installation, you’ll have the kitchen appliances you need to make a hot meal. 


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