Having an extra freezer or fridge in the garage is a fantastic way to store excess food or beverages that can’t fit in your house’s unit. However, keeping one of these kitchen appliances in your garage isn’t as simple as setting it up and plugging it in. Here’s what you need to know.  

How Can Garage Temperatures Affect Freezers & Refrigerators?    

Kitchen appliances like freezers and refrigerators operate according to external temperature; that means your garage’s climate will influence how well either device functions. For example, if your garage’s temperature falls too far below 50 degrees, a freezer’s compressor will shut off and cause many of its contents to thaw.

Freezing garage temperatures can also affect the fridge. Since refrigerators aren’t only designed to cool foods and not heat them to a minimum temperature, a garage that gets too cold may freeze your fridge’s contents. 

Kitchen ApplianceOn the other hand, garages that get too hot will cause a freezer or fridge to work harder, causing bills to skyrocket. Additionally, the extra stress on your appliance will decrease its efficiency over time and shorten its life span. 

Should You Install a Fridge or a Freezer in Your Garage?

If your garage is insulated or has climate-control, installing a refrigerator or freezer may not necessarily be a problem. Just set up your new kitchen appliance away from direct sunlight, which can affect the thermostat and cause it to work harder.

Or, if you live in an area with a stable, mild climate, keeping a freezer or refrigerator in your garage shouldn’t be a problem. If you live in a region that experiences major temperature fluctuations, consider purchasing a garage-friendly freezer or refrigerator.

These devices are specifically designed to hold up against extreme heat or cold. Just do adequate research, as some are only built to last in freezing temperatures, while others are meant for the heat.  


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