When you move into a new home, it likely comes with many of the appliances that the previous owners had. If the current appliances do not meet your needs or are not in the condition you’d like, then it’s smart to replace them sooner rather than later so you can fully enjoy your new home. Know the signs that it is wise to replace the kitchen’s stove.

When to Replace a Stove

1. Scorch Marks

Look at the countertop and the cabinetry that surrounds the oven. If there are dark scorch marks on them, then heat is escaping where it should not be. It could mean the appliance is not the right size for the space it’s in or that the seals have worn out, and the heat is seeping out in unsafe places.

2. Uncleanable Grime

stovesIt’s smart to thoroughly clean the house before you move in; even if the previous owners cleaned before they left, there may still be some grime left over you want to remove.

However, stoves can get so dirty that even dedicated scrubbing won’t restore them to a clean condition. If you can’t seem to get the grease, food spills, or horrible smells out, then it’s best to get a new unit.

3. Uneven Heat

Modern-day ovens are designed to create a uniform temperature throughout the interior, so the entire dish cooks evenly. If you notice your dishes are burning around the edges or they get a lot more heat on the bottom than the top, then it’s time to get a new oven. The heat should also be reliable; if you feel the entire oven is running too hot or too cold, then you cannot trust it to cook food properly.


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