Carpet backing is placed under the carpet to improve insulation, reduce noise, and increase softness. Your carpet can also resist wear and tear more effectively with the appropriate backing. If you invest in high-quality backing, you won’t have to replace your carpeting every few years. Below, the team at Georgia Carpet Finishers in Chatsworth, GA explain the common types of carpet backing for flooring.

Your Carpet Backing Options

1. Polyurethane

Polyurethane carpet backing is one of the most popular backings for carpets because it offers both durability and affordability. It also protects the flooring against moisture. The disadvantage is that its rough texture can ruin the baseboards.

2. Jute

carpet backingJute is derived from plant fibers and provides softness and durability. A lot of homeowners like this backing material because it’s natural and long-lasting. Jute may not be available in all areas because the plant it comes from isn’t grown everywhere.

3. Soft Plastic Backing

Made out of a weave of plastic, soft plastic carpet backing is gentle and helps extend the life of your floors. However, this option stretches when it gets wet, so avoid putting it in a room with high humidity. 

4. Moisture Barrier

Just like the name suggests, this carpet padding keeps moisture away from the carpet. If you spill juice or another liquid on your carpet, the backing will prevent it from seeping in and causing damage. 

If you need high-quality carpet backing, contact Georgia Carpet Finishers at (706) 695-3600. These experts are passionate about helping their clients pick the appropriate backing for their house. They understand the benefits and drawbacks of each type and can quickly and efficiently install them in your home. To learn more about their services, visit their website.