The siding on your home is one of the first aspects people will notice when they see the property. However, the vinyl siding boards can deteriorate over time, especially if you have an older house, which decreases the home's curb appeal. Understanding when you need to replace these panels ensures your home is efficient and beautiful, and below are several indications that you need this service.

When Should You Replace a Home's Siding?

1. Increased Energy Bills

Normally, your monthly utility bill should be consistent, and it should only increase or drop dramatically if you have made a recent change in your usage of electrical devices or the HVAC system. However, it can also increase suddenly when the siding is failing, as this allows drafts to enter the home, especially around windows, switches, and electrical outlets. This is especially common if you have older wood boards, as they are more susceptible to holes and cracks due to moisture damage. Replacing them with vinyl siding can help you insulate the home and save money each month on utility costs.

2. Visible Damage

vinyl siding

Aside from being unsightly, chips, cracks, and dents in the siding indicate something has compromised the structural integrity of your home. Often, this damage is due to moisture intrusion, which can eventually rot and warp the underlying wood of your home's exterior. These issues also create openings for pests to enter the home, especially during the winter. They can also occur due to forceful impacts, such as hail and stray baseballs and rocks.

3. Warped Panels

About once a month, inspect the siding on your home. The boards should lie flat against the surface, and you shouldn't notice any bulging or warping panels. If you do, the underlying wood could be rotting. This means moisture is trapped beneath the vinyl siding and is pushing against the boards when the temperature changes. Often, this is not repairable, and upgrading to modern vinyl siding can help your home withstand storms and extreme weather changes.


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