A dentist may recommend a tooth extraction due to a bad cavity or dental trauma. You might be nervous about the procedure, but they involve as little discomfort as possible and can prevent worsening effects of oral issues and infections. However, you need to follow your dentist's preoperation instructions to ensure a smooth, stress-free process. 


Provide your complete medical history. 

A dentist will perform an examination before the tooth extraction takes place. Provide the doctor with information on your medical history and oral health, including any past surgeries. You'll also need to disclose details about your general health, such as any existing medical conditions and current medications you're taking. People who take pills to treat high blood pressure are often asked to abstain from them before the extraction to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding during the procedure. 

Ask plenty of questions. 

tooth extractions

It's normal to be apprehensive before an extraction, especially if it's your first dental procedure. Asking questions helps alleviate worries while also preparing you for recovery. 

The dentist may put you on a special diet until the tooth has fully healed. They may ask you to avoid alcohol and cigarettes for a few days after the procedure, as well. The more questions you ask, the less uncertainty there will be regarding the healing process. 


Eat before the procedure. 

While it depends on the type of sedation you're undergoing, many patients are asked to stop eating up to 12 hours before the scheduled surgery. Fasting helps you recover from the effects of the anesthetic without experiencing an upset stomach or nausea. Ask the dentist about any dietary time restrictions during your initial exam and consultation. 

Expect to drive yourself home afterward. 

Arrange for a friend or family member to bring you to the dental clinic on the day of the appointment. Many types of sedation, including local anesthetics, can leave you feeling groggy afterward, so it's not safe to drive yourself home following the surgery. The person who drives you to the office can also help with post-operation instructions about eating and medication.


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