Going green is a priority across many industries and technologies, and water jet cutting comes with a host of positive benefits for our planet. Finding green ways to create, cut, and manufacture different products means looking at alternative options to perform critical steps. Here are the top three reasons water jet cutting is environmentally friendly.

Why Is Water Jet Cutting Eco-Friendly?

1. Produces Less Waste

Waste is a product of manufacturing. Known as kerf, any fabricating or cutting procedure will produce this excess, but in water jet cutting, the kerf is kept minimal. The precision of the line and the reduction of wasted materials lead to a lower amount of lost resources and a higher economic design process.

2. Reduces Hazardous Materials

water jet cuttingWhere other processes rely on chemicals and toxic materials to complete, water jet cutting uses liquid and abrasives such as garnet, a sand-like stone, for top results. Without the need for chemicals, disposal of the remaining materials isn’t harmful to the planet. Whatever isn’t recycled is safely sent into the sewer system or to a waste management facility.

3. Recycles Components         

Many water jet cutting machines are set with a closed loop system, which recycles the water that’s used for a project. Water is filtered, cooled, and then sent back around for the next task. Garnet is another element that’s easily recycled, and more than half of the stone is repurposed. Used garnet is usually mixed with a new one to ensure cutting quality remains high.


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