As a recent graduate, pursuing your career goals might be a primary focus. That's why it's beneficial to join your school's alumni association and take advantage of similar opportunities. Such networking chances will aid your professional growth. Here is a guide to ways you'll benefit from building a network and how to establish this support system.  

What Networking Is & Why It Matters


Networking is socializing to establish and cultivate mutually beneficial relationships with other professionals. These opportunities arise by attending formal work events, informal gatherings, or while out and about in your personal life. Socializing with other professionals can help advance your career goals. Others can learn about your qualifications, while sharing information about their credentials. You can exchange information about job openings before the vacancies are made public. You can get your resume to managers early in the hiring process to stand out from other applicants. 

Networking also affords the chance to expand your connections. You'll meet people from different industries who can share information about their professions and internship opportunities. 

How to Start Networking

Your network should include co-workers and supervisors. You can take lunch breaks with colleagues in your department and other divisions and use the time to establish relationships. Through these connections, you can learn about career-advancement programs and job openings. You can connect with former colleagues on Facebook and LinkedIn to re-establish relationships and share your career plans. 

Your high school's alumni association is a valuable networking resource, too. You can reconnect with former classmates and meet older alumni who can serve as mentors. These organizations also maintain active social media pages, where information is posted about conferences, fundraisers, and other networking opportunities. 


Graduates of the St. Louis School in Honolulu, HI, benefit from the opportunities the St. Louis Alumni Association provides. The school's high education standard has helped former students achieve their career aspirations. The association posts networking updates, class reunion announcements, and additional alumni event information on Facebook.  Learn about membership benefits online and call (808) 949-6633 to discuss alumni association registration with a representative.