Westmier Construction
4517 Pike 32, Curryville, MO 63339

About Westmier Construction

The skill of an experienced excavation contractor is crucial to clearing the way for the foundations of a new building. When construction companies in Lincoln County, MO, need the highest-quality excavations, they turn to Westmier Construction in Troy. Their expert staff uses heavy-duty machinery and rich industry knowledge to provide structural digging and site grading services to construction projects all over Lincoln County and surrounding areas.

With more than 20 years of experience, Westmier is committed to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship with every excavation project it undertakes, ensuring the best results for even the most challenging jobs. From digging basements to roadway pavement removal, their trusted services have helped lay the groundwork for commercial, residential and industrial sites all around the area.

Before a construction project can begin, companies turn to Westmier for professional digging services. They can dig basements of any shape and size with the skills to produce an excavation to your exact specifications.

Their top-of-the-line clearing and grubbing services will thoroughly remove boulders, tree stumps and other debris from a site with maximum care, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. They’ll also grade the site to flatten uneven land, producing an even, level surface suitable for any construction project. When the job is done, they’ll even sell the excess topsoil, fill dirt and gravel for a range of home improvement applications.

Westmeier Construction has the tools and the staff to take on the toughest excavation projects. For more information on the services they offer or to get a free quote, give them a call today at (636) 299-8341.