Homeowners with backyard pools may or may not know that traditional swimming pool plaster can age quickly and may tear over time. New materials feature aggregate plaster finishes that can drastically enhance the quality of your pool. If you suspect that your pool may have aging plaster, here are a few reasons to consider professional pool resurfacing

Why You Should Have Your Pool Replastered 

1. Improve Your Pool’s Structural Integrity

Even a seemingly minor crack in plaster will weaken a pool’s structural integrity. When a crack is left unaddressed, water seeps into the surrounding plaster or concrete structure, resulting in erosion and allowing chlorinated water to seep into the ground, potentially killing nearby plants. Over time, the spreading corrosion can also damage the pool’s plumbing or electrical components. Even if you don’t see any cracks now, old, worn plaster is more vulnerable to developing them. With pool resurfacing, you can prevent expensive repairs and enjoy a leak-proof, structurally sound pool.

2. Enhance Its Cleanliness & Safety

pool resurfacing

A slow pool leak will ultimately cause an imbalance in the water’s pH levels. When the pH is properly balanced, there are appropriate levels of acid and alkaline chemicals. In a leaking pool, you can keep adding chlorine and stabilizers, but lower than average water levels will make it challenging to strike the right balance. As a result, water can become more at risk of developing algae or other bacterial growth, possibly leaving it unsafe to swim in. When the pool is resurfaced, however, you can maintain your normal care routine without any issues.

3. Boost Your Pool’s Visual Impact 

Pool resurfacing can drastically enhance the look of your backyard. Old plaster can become stained and dull looking, but replastering can give your pool fresh aesthetic appeal to enjoy with friends and family members. As an added bonus, the newly plastered surface will not only look nice, but it will feel much smoother underfoot as you enjoy the water.


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