If you're concerned about your neighborhood being the target of criminals, you might have organized a volunteer watch among residents or pooled resources to set up a surveillance system. Hiring dedicated security guards is also a smart investment and will protect your community in these ways.

3 Reasons to Hire Security for Your Neighborhood

1. Deter Criminal Activity

Having security guards patrolling the neighborhood will deter anyone looking to do harm. Their presence alerts criminals that the area is surveilled regularly and the chances of getting caught are high. If criminal activity does occur, it's more likely to be stopped and the culprit held accountable, which tells others that the neighborhood is not an easy target. 

2. Improve Response Time

security guard

As fast as alarm companies and first responders can be during an emergency, having a team onsite reduces the time it takes to help someone in crisis. Whether it's a false alarm or an actual incident, security patrols will arrive within minutes and do what they can to assist. If they're close by, they may even respond before authorities are called, especially if they see or hear something troubling. 

3. Ensure Safety

Your residents will feel safer and more confident in their community with security guards around, especially if they have children and elderly loved ones who present more vulnerable targets. When people are at work or on vacation, they'll be reassured knowing the security team is watching over their property while they're away. 


API Security is here to help, whether your neighborhood association needs mobile security patrols or surveillance solutions. Serving Honolulu for more than 20 years, the security company provides uniformed guards for businesses, residents, and private events, ensuring every person in their care is safe. Call (808) 593-1125  or visit them online to learn more about their training and specializations.