When you host an event, whether it’s an art gallery showing or a large video game convention, you need to consider people’s safety. Not only is it a moral obligation, but it’s also about limiting liability issues. If you’re a first-time planner, you may not know how many security guards to hire. Below is a complete guide to ensure you enlist the necessary help for crowd control, threat detection, and other safety complications.

A Guide to Hiring Security Guards

Security Guard Services

Security guards offer a wide scope of services, so you need to hire the right type of guard in addition to the correct number:

  • Gatekeepers: Manage entryways and VIP access areas so only approved personnel can enter.
  • Crow Control Guards: Direct people throughout a venue and ensure everyone behaves.
  • Mobile Patrol: Monitors the crowd via cars, Segway®, or other mode of transportation. They are best used for large events that may span multiple locations. 
  • Bodyguards: Work closely with VIPs and are trained at identifying and neutralizing threats. They can create plans to transport VIPs throughout the venue safely.

How Many Security Guards to Hire 

Event Size

security-guards-honoluluThe larger the event, the higher the risk of incidents. Generally, you should hire one security guard per 100 people for events with fewer than 1,000 people and in smaller, enclosed areas. You’ll need a mix of gatekeepers and those who can do crowd control.

If you’re hosting a much larger event—whether indoors or outdoors—that will serve thousands of people, you need to compensate for venue size. You may need 20 to 30 guards or more, and you will need a mix of all four types of security guards. 

Regardless of venue size, you’ll need a guard for each main area entry point and private areas inside the venue.

Demographic, Entertainment & Special Persons 

Younger demographics and events based around music or other high-energy entrainment tend to be rowdier. Add several more security guards who can perform crowd control.

Events with band members, political figures, or celebrities will need dedicated security. The best way to assess their needs is to contact their representatives. In the case of politicians, ask if they’ll be bringing their private bodyguards to the event.

Alcohol & Cash Transactions

Alcohol increases the likelihood of incidents because of impaired judgment. However, the type of event and how much alcohol is served will play a role. Smaller formal affairs may not need quite as much security, even if there is an open bar. Similarly, events with drink limits may not pose as much of a problem as festivals where there are no drinking restrictions. 

If cash is changing hands, you’ll need security guards stationed around transaction points to prevent theft.


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