When a loved one passes away, the last thought on your mind is fashion. However, what you wear to a funeral service is as critical as the other aspects, such as the biblical readings and words of consolation you offer to the family. If you’re hoping to convey respect for the deceased, use the following do’s and don’ts when picking out an outfit.


Ask the family first.

While traditional funeral attire is easy to follow, the deceased or those closest to them might have specific requests for guests. For example, a funeral service for a young child or someone with an optimistic outlook might want attendees to arrive in bright, happy hues. Even though traditional funeral attire guides say otherwise, neglecting to abide by their choice would be disrespectful.

Stick with black if you’re in doubt.

funeral serviceIf the funeral invitation or obituary left no remarks on funeral attire, stick with tradition. Arrive in conservative, black clothing that is formal. If you can’t find something that meets these requirements, charcoal grey, brown, or dark green will suffice.


Wear high, skinny heels.

For a funeral service, stick with shoes you might wear to church or a professional engagement—with heels three inches or lower. Since you might have to cross a lawn or stand in a grassy graveyard, opt for wider heels that won’t sink into the ground.


While you might love the look of your suit with a shiny belt buckle or red umbrella, stay away from flashy accessories when attending a funeral service. If you wear makeup, don’t choose nighttime looks like dramatic contouring and a “smokey eye.” Not only are these inappropriate for the occasion, but they could also smudge or run if you become emotional.


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