CrossFit has grown incredibly popular since it was founded in 2000.Given its reputation as a high-intensity workout class for extremely fit people, it can be intimidating for newcomers. When you show up for your first class, however, you will realize the CrossFit community is very welcoming. You’ll also see that the workouts are hard but doable, especially at a gym like CrossFit Hawaii Kai where there are many classes tailored to the needs of beginners.

Here are some things that are good to know before your first CrossFit class:

  • WOD Stands For “Workout of The Day”: CrossFit workouts vary from day to day. You can find the WOD on display in the gym. The rest of the Crossfit athletes will likely be huddled around it, checking out what exercises are in store for them.
  • AMRAP Means “As Many Rounds As Possible”: You may notice AMRAP written on the WOD board. That just means you are to do an exercise as many times as possible in a certain time span.
  • Be Prepared For Friendly Competition: CrossFit is known as the “sport of fitness.” Like most sports, CrossFit lends itself to an element of friendly competition, which inspires people to push themselves. If someone is beating you at pull-ups or squats, don’t be discouraged— just know your training will eventually get you on their level.
  • You Will be Sore Like Never Before: People new to CrossFit’s high intensity workouts will experience a lot of muscle soreness over the first few weeks of training. Your fellow, more experienced, CrossFit members will have tips for dealing with soreness. Be ready to make ice packs, ibuprofen, fish oil and foam rollers your new best friends.
  • There Are Classes Just For Beginners: Many gyms, including CrossFit Hawaii Kai, offer classes for beginners so people new to CrossFit can ease into the workout. These classes will allow those new to CrossFit to learn the exercises without having to worry about keeping up with the elite members.

Check out the CrossFit schedule on their web site, or call CrossFit Hawaii Kai at (808) 256-5665 to sign up today.