Becoming a homeowner is a major life milestone. However, once you've met this exciting goal, you'll quickly discover that maintaining a property is an endless project. Your roof is an essential part of your house that should be regularly inspected — and fixed quickly if it's damaged. Without proper roof maintenance, you run the risk of requiring more expensive and serious repairs, or even a full roof replacement. Keep an eye out for these common roof problems.

3 Common Roof Problems to Watch Out For

1. Leaks

A small fissure in your roof can worsen with time. Recognize early signs of smaller leaks, so you can get them fixed before they get bigger. Discolored ceilings, damp spots on the walls, and peeling paint can all be indicators of an issue. Be especially vigilant in checking leak-prone areas, including around the chimney, around gutters, near skylights, and close to pipes and vents.

2. Shrinking, Blistering, or Cracking

Roofing materials can be impacted by external elements like humidity, heat, and ultraviolet rays. This can cause the roofing material to warp and deteriorate. Multi-layer roofs are especially prone to issues like blistering and cracking, while roofs made with synthetic rubber membranes are more likely to experience shrinkage. It's important to schedule an annual roof maintenance inspection, as a professional will be able to diagnose any issues.

3. Storm Damage

Heavy wind, hail, and rain can cause significant roof damage by loosening shingles, deforming gutters, and puncturing or denting your roof. Additionally, the added weight of leaves, sticks, and debris that may end up in your gutters after a storm can weaken them over time. In the worst case scenario, a heavy tree limb falling on a roof can cause structural damage. After a major storm, visually inspect your roof for debris or signs of damage, and call a roofer for assistance if you spot roof damage.



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