If you’re getting started learning how to golf, you may be surprised to learn just how many terms there are to learn. Once you get the vocabulary down, you can be more comfortable navigating the golf course and conversing with others about your game. Here are some of the basics to know.

Par Terms

Each hole in a golf course has a par, which is the number of strokes that an average golfer would be expected to take. When you hit one under par, that’s a birdie. Two under par is an eagle, and three under par is an albatross, which is one of the best feats you can accomplish on a golf course. On the other end of the spectrum, one over par is a bogey, and two over par is a double bogey.


golfIt’s also important to understand the items in your golf bag. The driver is usually the largest club and is used to hit long shots. Your putter is smaller and used to make those that are already on the green. Sand wedges are designed to lift the ball out of a sand trap. Then you have your iron and wood clubs, which are for intermediate shots throughout the course.

About the Course

The tee box is the first part you’ll see of every hole. This is where you’re expected to drive the ball as far as possible. The fairway is often in the center of the course, where the grass is relatively short. This makes it fairly easy to make shots toward the green, which is where you will find the hole. There’s also the rough, which is located around the green and fairway and features longer grass, making shots more unpredictable. Sand traps may be throughout the course, which can also provide some difficulty.


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