Some shampoos contain ingredients meant to give your locks a pleasant scent. However, the chemicals in these products can cause unwelcome side effects and have a negative impact on the planet. If you're currently using scented shampoo, here's why you should think about switching to a fragrance-free, organic hair product.

Why Should You Use a Fragrance-Free Shampoo?

1. Prevent Skin Irritation

Itchy, flaky skin could be caused by your current shampoo. The chemical compounds used to create the fragrance settle on the scalp and then trickle down the body when you rinse out the suds. 

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Continued exposure to the chemicals could cause contact dermatitis to develop on the scalp, too. This means your skin has developed an allergy to the irritant. To protect the body from this threat, your skin releases inflammatory chemicals, which cause the tissue to develop hives or blisters. Organic hair products don't contain the toxic chemicals that cause these skin changes. 

2. Stop Chemical Consumption

The chemicals in fragrance-enhanced shampoos are absorbed by the skin and end up in the bloodstream. Phthalates, for instance, are used to make the fragrance last longer. A buildup of this chemical in the body could lead to kidney, lung, or liver damage. This chemical is also linked to developmental issues during pregnancy. 

Fragrance-free shampoos don't have these chemical preservatives. Instead, grape seed extract, lemon juice, and other natural, nontoxic substances are used to extend the product's life. 

3. Limit Your Environmental Impact

The chemicals in fragrance-infused shampoo flow down sink and shower drains when you wash your hair. These substances filter through the sewage system and eventually end up back in the environment. 

The chemicals could affect aquatic life in lakes and streams, as well as other animals that drink the water. By switching to scent-free, natural hair care products, you'll be doing your part to protect the environment.


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