If your home relies on a boiler to keep it warm, now is the perfect time to prepare the appliance for fall. Without routine boiler maintenance, the fuel efficiency of the system is lowered and the life of the system is shortened. 

Call 488-8989 to get the boiler scheduled for an annual tune-up. The technician will compare the system’s current system to the manufacturer’s recommendations. They will check the pressure of the system and bleed the unit as needed to keep unwanted air out. Professionals also replace the fuel nozzle, clean the heat ex-changer from soot buildup, check the electrodes, check for proper operation of the pumps, burner motor and transformer. They clean the drawer assembly on the burner to ensure it is clean and operational. A clogged fuel nozzle and clogged heat ex-changer effect the fuel usage. Other maintenance includes checking the motor and control units, clean out the stack up to the chimney and the overall system for leaks and cracks. 

Work with the radiant heat specialists at Kraft Heating for the professional boiler maintenance your system needs. Based in North Pole, AK and serving the Fairbanks and North Star Borough areas since 1995, this company also provides a three-year craftsmanship warranty on boiler installations. Call (907) 488-8989 today to schedule boiler maintenance or visit the specialists online for service details. Follow their Facebook page for the latest heating tips.