Creating a guest list is a source of anxiety for many engaged couples, but it shouldn’t be! You are choosing the people closest to you who will get to share the joy of your big day with you in a beautiful, memorable venue. Make the seemingly overwhelming task easy and fun with this essential guide.

3 Tips to Craft a Wedding Guest List

1. Coordinate with the Venue

Wedding venues need to be the perfect amount of space for the party size. Too large and your party will feel underwhelming; too small and you’ll be cramming people into a space, which could result in fines and unsafe circumstances. First, create your ideal guest list to get an idea of what kind of space capacity you’ll need. Once you have booked your venue, talk with them about their size limitations and what you should expect if too many people show up on the big day.

2. Prioritize Finances

venueToo many couples don’t factor in their budget when creating a guest list, but this should be high on your list of considerations. After all, the size of your party is likely the biggest factor in how much it will cost. Talk with your parents or anyone involved in paying for the wedding about how you will split costs before committing to anything. Estimate how much each guest will cost, and you’ll have a good idea of how many you can afford.

3. Be Conservative

Determine who can select guests. A traditional split is for the couple to choose half, and the parents on each side to select a quarter of the list. Once you have created your dream guest list, you may need to do some trimming based on finances and venue limitations. Do not invite more people than your venue allows since you can always welcome more people later on, but cannot uninvite someone after they have responded.


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