Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, so it’s only natural that you want to make it truly your own. Many couples go beyond the basics by looking for ways to personalize the wedding venue and overall experience for themselves and their guests. Here are some ways to help your personality shine through during the celebrations.

Top 3 Ways to Show Off Your Personality in Your Wedding

1. Personalize the Decor

Some couples go for upscale decor and custom-made signs with favorite quotes and photos. Others theme the event after a favorite sports team or movie. Pick something you both like, and go all out to create a memorable experience for your guests! Consult with your wedding venue to determine which decor and lighting options will work best for the rented space.

2. Customize the Menu

wedding venuesAll couples have favorite foods, and many wedding venues can help you create custom menus based on your preferences. If you and your spouse-to-be have different tastes, create individual menus that highlight each of your favorite dishes. Punny names or brief stories can make the simple act of reading the menu fun for your guests.

3. Create a Unique Guestbook

A standard guestbook may be a nice memento, but it doesn’t have a lot of personality. Think outside the box with unique ways for guests to send their well wishes. A photo booth where guests can sign their printed photos will help you better remember everyone who came to your wedding. Or you can have guests sign items like a surfboard or a picture frame that you will display in your new home.


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