Older homes have a certain charm to them, but they also have particular needs to be aware of, especially in the plumbing system. With the more recent advent of PCV and plastic pipes, newer or renovated homes don’t run into the same issues that older homes with steel or iron pipes do. If your home was built in 1975 or earlier and hasn’t been renovated, you’ll want to know how best to care for the plumbing system. Here’s some helpful information on just that, including when to call a plumber

A Guide to Older Plumbing Systems 

Common Problems 


Steel and iron are prone to rusting which is why PCV and plastic have become popular in newer homes. These older pipes are susceptible to corrosion, leaks, and overall degradation, eventually requiring a plumber for repair or replacement. It might be common for the water to run brown if the faucet hasn't been turned on in a little while. 

Because of corrosion, these pipes are also prone to freezing and then bursting during the winter months. Floods might also be more common in older homes because of rust and pipe corruption, as well as switch valves being in precarious or unusual places. 

Tips for Maintenance and Upgrading 

A plumber can come and refit your current plumbing system with new, more modern materials. This switch can help put your mind at ease with some of the issues common in older homes. If you want to take the wait-and-see approach with the current system, use natural cleaning supplies, such as citrus or vinegar-based products. 

The harsh chemicals in drain cleaner and other cleansing formulas can be too intense for older pipes, which can speed up the corrosion process. Additionally, you'll want to locate the switch valve right away, so you know where it is in an emergency. Lastly, during the winter months, a plumber would recommend providing older pipes with insulation to protect them from the cold. 


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