Construction site toilets, whether in trailer or port-a-potty form, require routine cleaning to maintain a safe and hygienic work environment. How often the portable toilets on your construction site need to be cleaned depends on several factors; however, they should be pumped and sanitized at least once a week. Cleaning includes pumping waste from the toilet tanks, disinfecting all surfaces, refilling the deodorizers, and refilling or replacing the toilet paper, paper towels, and hand sanitizers.

How Often Do Construction Site Toilets Require Cleaning?

Number of Workers

construction site toiletsThe number of workers at your job location heavily influences the construction site toilet cleaning schedule. If your site features 10 workers or fewer, for example, one to two toilets receiving weekly cleanings generally suffice. In comparison, if you are overseeing a team of 40 workers, you need a minimum of four toilets getting serviced once, if not twice, a week.


The job site location plays an important role in construction site toilet maintenance because extreme heat creates foul odors that often overpower deodorizers. Twice-weekly cleanings might be necessary, depending on the temperature and how many workers are using the toilets each day. More frequent cleanings contribute to employee health and productivity because they are not breathing toxic fumes and being distracted by raw sewage odors.

Job Duration

You also need to consider how long the construction job will take. It’s easy to tell when it’s been weeks since a portable toilet on a job site received a thorough pumping and cleaning, resulting in unpleasant restroom experiences for workers. Since festering raw sewage creates a welcome environment for disease, it’s important to set up a designated cleaning schedule with a local sanitation service until the job is complete.


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