As a business owner, you know that parking is indispensable for allowing customers to access your location or event. The parking lot needs to be both functional and compliant. The following guide breaks down some strategies and rules for using contractor tools to stripe your lot.

Common Stripe Layouts

The striping design you choose should depend on the size and flow of the parking lot. If you have a larger lot in which cars have space to back up and drive in two directions per lane, a straight layout can make sense. However, if you have narrow, one-way lanes between spaces, an angled layout can help you fit more vehicles. Parallel parking can also work well in some cases, especially if your business or event is in a city.

Missouri’s ADA Requirements

contractor toolsWhen striping a parking lot, check your state’s ADA parking requirements. This federal act regulates how many accessible parking spots must be available based on the number of total parking spaces. For example, if there are between 26 and 50 spots, at least two must be accessible, and at least one of those needs to be van-accessible.

The state of Missouri also requires one out of every four accessible spaces to be at least 96 inches wide, marked as “lift van accessible only,” and accompanied by proper signage. Therefore, purchase signs along with your contractor tools.

Materials You Need

To stripe your parking lot, gather a pavement striper, paint, and parking lot stencils. Use the stencils to keep the lines straight and double-check your measurements. Purchase additional stencils to mark the accessible parking spots clearly and if you plan to number all spaces. You can find most of these supplies at a contractor tool store.


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