Power saws are incredibly useful during construction and home improvement projects, but if you’re not an expert, they can also be intimidating. When renting power saws from an equipment rental shop, ask the staff for operating advice. Here are three of the most common types of saws and how to use them.

Types of Power Saws & Their Uses

1. Concrete Saw

Also called a chop saw, a concrete saw is designed to cut through extremely tough materials like metal, brick, and concrete. Most homeowners don’t have many occasions to use heavy-duty equipment like this, but you can find one at a construction equipment store or any place that rents equipment. Though it looks a lot like the more common miter saw, a miter saw has a toothy blade while a concrete saw uses a fast-spinning abrasive disc. Concrete saws can usually only perform straight-down precision cuts, as well—they aren’t for angled cutting.

equipment rental2. Tile Saw

This is a popular kind of saw used to cut tiles of ceramic, glass, porcelain, granite, marble, or other types of stone. This kind of material is particularly brittle, so a tile saw is equipped with sensitive, diamond-tipped blades that allow it to cut smoothly without cracking the tile. Contractors or homeowners often use this tool when remodeling a kitchen or bathroom area. There are two types of tile saw—dry and wet—so ask which one you should use at the equipment rental shop.

3. Circular Saw

You can find a circular saw in the workshops of both professionals and DIYers because of the tool’s versatility. Since a circular saw is handheld, it’s perfect for large pieces of wood or material that you can’t fit on a table saw. It’s portable, so it’s easy to store, and the user can change out the blades of a circular saw to match the type of material they’re cutting. However, despite the ease of use, there are many precision jobs that the circular saw isn’t right for. Still, it might become your favorite tool for straight cuts and mobile projects.


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