Trees provide numerous warning signs when they are nearing the end of their lives. Whether the damage is due to disease, insect infestation, major storm, or anything else, a dying tree quickly becomes a dangerous liability. Rather than paying for property repairs and medical expenses from tree-related damages and injuries, review the signs below that indicate your woody perennial is making its last stand. Then, use tree trimmers from your local equipment rental company to eliminate dead branches before scheduling removal services.

What Are Some Indications Your Tree Is Dying?

1. Visible Roots

Inspect the tree’s roots to see if they feel slimy or brittle, signaling disease or an insect infestation. If the tree’s roots were not previously noticeable, increased visibility indicates weakness from storm damage, infestation, or another issue. The roots are no longer holding the tree in place, and it can fall over at any time, such as during severe winds.

equipment rentals2. Fungus

Look for mushrooms around the tree base, as well as shelf or bracket fungi, known as wood conchs, on the trunk. Mushrooms and conchs tell you the tree is rotting from the inside out, prompting fungi to start breaking down the organic matter. Rotting wood can also attract insects such as carpenter ants and bark beetles.

3. Trunk Damage

Check your tree’s bark for damage. Diseases and infections, such as basal cankers and Sudden Oak Death, cause the bark to fall off and the trunk to ooze dark liquid, respectively. If your tree’s old outer layer isn’t being replaced with fresh bark, visit your local equipment rental center to review pruning options.

4. Bare Branches

Determine if your tree is shedding its leaves from the outside in or the other way around. Bare branches on the inside of the tree or those that do not retain their leaves during the growing season have sustained severe damage from disease or injury.


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