The right equipment rental can go a long way in simplifying projects and helping you save money. It is much more cost-effective to rent something you’ll only need once, rather than make the more expensive investment of buying it. This is especially true of products like trenchers. While quite versatile, they’re not used as often as other construction machinery. Here are some key examples of when you would need this equipment rental.

The Top Uses for Trenchers

1. Cutting Pavement

When repairing a street or driveway, contractors may need to cut through solid asphalt or concrete—most often for joint replacements or patching. Depending on the placement of utility lines, cutting through concrete may also be necessary to access pipes or wiring to conduct repairs. While some types of trenchers may be damaged by attempting to cut through rock, wheel trenchers are specifically designed to create straight trenches even when working with these solid materials.

2. Laying Piping & Electrical Wires

equipment rentalsLaying piping for an irrigation system or electrical wiring for a new building typically requires extensive trench work. Manually digging these trenches is extremely time-consuming and physically demanding. Using a trencher allows users to quickly create a path for the pipes or wires, leaving more time and energy for the specialized installation work.

3. Removing Roots

While trenchers can be quite helpful at removing soil to create irrigation lines, they can also help eliminate obstacles that would be too tough to remove with shovels or other equipment. Portable trenchers use a powerful blade that can cut through tree roots. A slow, steady cut ensures the safe removal of the obstacle so the work can proceed smoothly.


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