It might seem like an odd time of year for garden maintenance, but there are plenty of reasons to till in the autumn instead of waiting until spring. Don’t let a lack of equipment stop you, either. You can obtain a tiller from an equipment rental company to save some cash and ready your garden for spring. Here’s why now is the time to till.


Fertilizer helps your garden flourish, making plants in the springtime lush and robust. When you add compost, manure, or packaged fertilizer during a fall tilling session, there’s plenty of time for the soil to absorb the nutrients. This results in healthier, thriving plants when growing and harvest time comes. You can also mix topsoil into the dirt while tilling to ensure the garden’s structure is amenable to whatever you’re planting.

Soil Manipulation

equipment rentalApril showers may bring May flowers, but the precipitation makes the soil heavy and sloppy, creating poor conditions for tilling. The process is bound to be more challenging in the springtime than it is in the fall when soil is much drier.

Knocking out tilling early saves time and is healthier for the garden. Save the spring for other gardening tasks like sowing vegetables, pruning bushes, planting flowers, and positioning trellises.


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