From chairs to tables, it can be tricky to know just how many rentals to book before a big event, especially since guests may not always want to sit still when their friends and family members are around. Here are a few considerations to make when choosing the number of chairs you need, and how it will help to plan your event. 

3 Tips for Choosing the Right Number of Chair Rentals

1. Type of Event

If your event is a meeting or a formal wedding, you should plan to have a chair for every attendee. On the other hand, if your event will feature a mix of different activities, such as a concert where people can sing along or grab a drink, you may not want to have chairs crowding the way.

Think about what your guests will be doing during the event, and which percentage of your guest list will likely be standing or sitting. Keep in mind that older individuals and children will always need a place to sit since they may grow tired sooner. 

2. Table Shape 

tablesThe shape of the tables you choose will also affect how many chairs you need since not as many will fit around a round table. If you are using long, banquet-style tables, plan to place a chair every 18 inches all the way around the perimeter of the table. Calculate the number of tables you can fit into your space comfortably, and then choose the number of chairs that would comfortably fit around that table. 

3. Guest List

Go through your guest list and try to estimate how many individuals will actually be coming on the day of your party. Take RSVPs into consideration, as well as who lives close enough to actually attend the event.

If the event is small enough, consider calling each person on the list to see if they will be in attendance. If the event has mixed needs for seating and standing, ask your friends and family members what they prefer. 


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