The right construction equipment is essential for completing jobs on time and on budget. Without the proper machinery, you’ll experience delays, budget overages, and other problems. As such, contractors should always be mindful of projects that may require compaction equipment. By planning for these equipment rentals in advance, you can ensure that all work goes smoothly.

Top Projects That Require Compaction Construction Equipment

1. Trench Preparation

Soil trenches that are used for laying pipes and other utility lines are typically compacted so that the underlying soil can hold more weight. This is achieved by removing air voids that are naturally present in the soil. To prepare the surface, the bottom of the trench will typically be worked with a rammer or trench roller.

2. Surface Compaction

construction equipmentBecause soil compaction increases the strength of the soil, it is a requirement when preparing a flat surface for laying a building foundation or laying the base for a roadway. Large sheepsfoot rollers can compact a vast area in a relatively short period, ensuring that the surface is ready for subsequent construction work. This type of soil compaction can also prepare an area for hardscape or concrete pad installations.

3. Roadwork

Compaction equipment can also be used on asphalt surfaces. Single-direction plate compactors can assist in asphalt repairs, edging along curbs, and more. When larger swaths of asphalt need to be compacted for more intensive repair work—such as preparing a damaged roadway for resurfacing—use ride-on rollers.


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