Homeowners should perform annual tree trimming to prevent spreading diseases and improve aesthetics. However, many people don’t have the tools to handle this task and could benefit from equipment rentals. Here is a guide to pruning and trimming to maintain tree health on your property.

When Should You Trim?

Trim trees in the late winter or early spring when they are dormant and leafless. It’s easier to see what you’re doing when you don’t have to look through the canopy. This timing ensures the tree heals quickly and is not vulnerable to pests that are around during warmer weather. Maintaining coniferous trees in the late winter means they’ll have less sap and are less likely to bleed, which can attract pests.

What Equipment Is Necessary?

equipment rentalsBefore you begin tree trimming, gather pruning shears for smaller branches and long-handled loppers for limbs under 2 inches thick. If you’re planning on trimming higher branches, you may need to procure a pole pruner or a small chainsaw from an equipment rental company so you can safely care for the tree without trying to climb it.

Let an arborist handle tall trees that need work that is out of your reach. They can bring a bucket truck or other lifting mechanism to promote safety while performing tree maintenance.

Where Should You Prune?

Cut a shallow line into the underside of larger branches about 5 inches from the trunk. Then, cut into the top 2 inches to 3 inches away from the trunk. Gravity should help the branch lean on the lower cut and make it fall off. This method offers the ability to control when and where the branches fall. Plus, it reduces the likelihood of the bark peeling off during the cut, which can harm the tree.

Cut off broken or dead branches by removing the entire affected area and leaving a 1-inch section near the trunk starting at the branch collar. This larger area where the branch juts out of the trunk has natural chemicals that hasten healing and make a special tissue to protect the area. Cutting evenly with the trunk means leaving a larger wound that can slow healing and provide an easy access point for pests or disease.


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