With springtime comes garden responsibilities, but sometimes you don’t have the tools on hand. Luckily, with equipment rentals readily available, you can easily gear up for all of your spring gardening tasks. Get your tools ready because here are three essential tasks for your springtime gardening to-do list.

How to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

1. Spring Cleaning Your Garden

You’ll want to clean up your garden beds of any debris. If you haven’t already, consider starting a compost pile for leaves and fallen limbs. While you don’t want the fresh mold and rot in your garden right now, the materials that have already fully composted can be used to fertilize your soil later as needed. 

Broken and hanging tree limbs should be removed. Be sure to check your shrubs and perennials for winter damage and prune any parts that are broken or twisted, with a few exceptions being azaleas, rhodies, and mountain laurels, which tend to bounce back in the spring even when they appear dead at first.

2. Opening & Preparing Your Bed

After doing a general cleanup, you should turn your attention to the state of your garden bed in particular. If you have a bed edger, now is the time to clean up the grass edges around your beds and fences. If you don’t have one, consider equipment rentals because they make cleaning up your garden beds a breeze.

equipment rentalsYou should also take this time to open up any new beds and install any structures, like trellises or climbing posts. Doing this now will ensure you are ready in time for new growth and can avoid causing any damage to your plants that may be in the way later.

3. Preparing Your Soil & Plant

With your garden beds cleaned and arranged, you want to make sure your soil itself is ready. Taking time to properly till your topsoil breaks up dry compacted dirt and adds aeration and organic matter. Once your soil is ready and the weather is warm enough, it’s time to start planting your annual flowers or early vegetables. 

Just make sure you keep an eye on the weather. The only thing about planting in early spring is the risk of cold fronts moving through. If the temperatures drop and late frosts are likely, be sure to cover up any plants with opening buds with fabric covers.


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