You may already know that power washing is the best way to thoroughly clean your house, driveway, or porch. You may not know, however, all of the benefits a hose with this type of pressure really has. When it comes to equipment rentals, power washing hoses and accessories are popular requests for homeowners. Check out some of the most interesting facts about power washing.

What Are the Benefits of Power Washing?

1. Extends the Lifespan of Paint

While power washing is known to rid objects of the toughest of stains, it doesn’t destroy paint. In fact, it helps paint last longer! By power washing areas that have been painted, you rid it of the dirt and rot that contributes to the breakdown of the color. In fact, it can reinforce the paint job for three to 10 years longer than it would last otherwise.

2. Increases Resale Value

Many people who plan on reselling their home power wash the area to make their house more attractive to potential buyers. Since it rids surfaces of damaging pollutants and fungi, it makes porches, driveways, shingles, and more look newer and brighter. It also impacts the longevity and stability of your home. House hunters will be inclined to spend more money on places that are thoroughly maintained.

3. Removes Mold & Mildew

equipment rentalsPower washing removes dirt and grime to make surfaces appear cleaner. It also disintegrates mold and mildew. By removing damaging fungi, your home will be protected in ways that aren’t always visible. A simple garden hose can’t prevent areas of your home from rotting, but a solid power wash - which is 80 times more powerful - can. Homeowners who are looking to improve both the appearance and foundation of their house often look into equipment rentals to find products that can contribute to the longevity of their home.


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