When you have a construction project planned, there are several crucial steps from soil inspections to excavation and foundation pouring. One of the most important — but least understood — components of the job is "land grading." Peterson Bros. Construction, the leading demolition and excavation contractors in Kapolei, HI, explain below what grading services are and why they are important for the success of your project.

What Is Land Grading?

GradingLand grading — or land leveling — takes place after a site has been excavated. Dirt is cut from higher spots and used to fill in low spots; thus, it is known as "cut and fill" grading. The purpose is to create a smooth landscape free of variations in elevation. This provides a level base for laying a foundation, planting cover crops, and other uses. A secondary purpose of grading services is to slope the land away from the construction site and provide adequate drainage.

Why Is Land Grading Important?

When construction takes place on uneven ground, water drainage is an important consideration. If the land has not been graded correctly, water won’t drain properly; instead of being channeled away from the building, it could flow toward it. In such a case, during significant rainfall, water would accumulate around the building foundation, damage the cinder blocks, wash away the landscape vegetation, and pose a threat of interior flooding and water damage. Because of this, precise and reliable land grading services are crucial to any construction project. It not only assures a solid base on which to build, but it provides effective long-term water drainage and prevents damage to the topography and building.

Peterson Bros. Construction, the premier provider of grading services Kapolei, HI, can provide your construction site a level base on which to build, accurately sloped to channel water away from the building and prevent flooding, landscaping losses, and foundation damage. Visit their website to request a quote, or call (808) 679-9522 to discuss your needs with a friendly professional.