There are plenty of advantages to having glass shower doors. They are attractive, make your bathroom look larger, and they let light into the shower. However, they have been reported to shatter occasionally. Follow the tips below so you don’t have to worry about your shower door breaking.

How to Avoid Shattered Shower Doors

1. Look for Chips and Cracks

Tiny cracks or chips weaken the door and may eventually cause it to shatter as the glass expands and contracts due to temperature changes. Shower doors are usually made of tempered glass, which breaks into small pieces to avoid injury from large shards. This type of glass is weaker at the edges. 

Regularly check the edges of the door for any signs of damage, as well as around holes in the glass where hardware is attached. Have the doors replaced if you find any issues. 

2. Check for Loose Fixtures

Glass-Shower-DoorsInspect your glass shower door to ensure that the security brackets and other hardware have not slipped out of place. Tighten any loose screws so that the door doesn’t jolt. Since the edges are the weakest point, the whole door may shatter if the glass pane slips off and the fall puts the impact on the edges. The sides of the doors may also be chipped by loose screws or bolts, which can lead to cracks.

3. Avoid Impact 

Tempered glass is durable in the center, but a hard enough impact could cause it to shatter, so don’t close the door too hard or lean anything against it. Keep the floor outside of the shower dry and use a bath mat to avoid slipping and falling into the door. Take extra care when cleaning the shower door so that you don't cause any chips or cracks or loosen it from its fixtures.


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