For many people, summer means more sunshine and time outdoors. The warmth might be a welcome change, but if you’re spending more time in the sunlight, there are a few changes you should make to your skin care routine. To protect your skin from UV rays and keep sunburn at bay, follow the tips below.

4 Summer Skin Care Tips

1. Apply & Reapply Sunscreen

If you’re enjoying yourself outdoors, it’s easy to forget to reapply sunscreen. As a rule of thumb, put on a new coat every two hours, or more often if you’re in the water or sweating heavily. Make sure the sunscreen you’re using has an SPF of at least 30 to provide adequate protection. You should also incorporate a daily sunscreen into your skin care routine to fight UV exposure all summer long.

2. Cover Up

skin careWhen possible, you should keep UV rays from reaching your skin by wearing long, loose-fitting clothing, wide hats, and sunglasses. When you’re at the beach or in other situations where full coverage isn’t an option, pack an umbrella or stay off the sand during peak sunlight hours in the midday.

3. Stay Hydrated

Water is always important for skin health, but you’re more likely to get dehydrated during the summer. Drinking enough water each day contributes to glowing skin, and it can also help you rebound from a sunburn. Aim to drink eight glasses of water each day.

4. Treat Burned Skin

Even with precautionary steps, there’s a chance you’ll get too much sun exposure. When this happens, the skin will become red or pink and show signs of irritation. Soothe pain and itchiness with aloe or cool showers, drink extra water to help skin regenerate, and keep the affected area well moisturized.


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