When the winter weather leads to a sudden drop in temperature, the water inside your plumbing system is at risk of freezing. Since water expands as it solidifies, it often causes pipes to burst, leaving flooding and water damage in your home. If you’re going away for the holidays, it’s especially essential to winterize your pipes, so you don’t come home to severe damage. Use these three tips to ensure your system can face the frigid temperatures, so you don’t have to call an emergency plumber.

3 Tips for Winterizing Your Pipes

1. Insulate Pipes

To shield your pipes from the cold, purchase some insulation tubes or sleeves. These attachments can be slipped on or wrapped around pipes. The foam material will lock in any latent heat, preventing the cold metal from freezing the water. When installing the insulation, make sure there are no gaps, especially with copper or steel piping, as any exposure to cold air will drastically affect the pipe’s temperature.

2. Address Cold Spots

plumber Lexington, KYWalk around your property and search for cracks that may have developed as your home’s foundation settled over time. These rifts will allow cold air into your basement, garage, and inside the walls throughout your house, putting pipes at risk of freezing. Inside your home, feel around your basement and inside your cabinets for draft areas. These may require further insulation from a professional, such as fiberglass or spray foam. You may even want to insulate your crawlspaces and basement windows if you’re going away for a while.

3. Drain Outdoor Fixtures

If the pipes inside your home are vulnerable to freezing, the outdoor fixtures are at serious risk. To winterize these faucets, disconnect the hoses and splitters attached to them, and pack them away. Your plumber can offer further help by enabling the corresponding shut-off valves (usually found in the basement), draining the exterior faucets, and using compressed air to remove any lingering moisture. Finally, add some pipe insulation and outdoor covers to these faucets for further peace of mind.


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