As any plumber can attest, the ice, snow, and cold temperatures of winter can wreak havoc on your plumbing. However, you might not notice problems have arisen until the weather warms up. Because of this, it's essential to inspect your system and take care of some maintenance issues to prepare your pipes for spring.

How to Prepare Your Plumbing for Spring

1. Check for Leaks

When spring arrives, any pipes that froze during winter have likely thawed. However, the stress caused by ice expansion may have left tiny cracks in the plumbing or leaks in a pipe joint. Take time to walk through your home and check for leaks. This is particularly important where pipes run through exterior walls and unheated areas of your home, such as the attic or basement. Look for pooling water, moisture stains, and signs of mold growth, including dank odors. 

2. Have Your Water Heater Serviced

Plumber in Lexington, KYBecause of the plummeting temperatures, water heaters have to work harder than usual during winter to keep stored water hot. Spring is the ideal time to have your water heater serviced. The plumber will drain the tank slightly to remove sediment, check that plumbing and gas connections are secure and check the sacrificial anode—a component that ensures your tank doesn't rust—and replace it if necessary.

3. Test Outdoor Faucets

Remove any attached hoses and test your exterior water taps to make sure they are operating correctly. Lubricate the knobs, if necessary, and look for cracks or other damage. While the faucet is running, listen for air in the pipes. Contact a plumber to perform an inspection if you hear persistent gurgling or sputtering, which could indicate a leak somewhere along the line. 

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