Your home or business relies on pipes to channel water safely and securely throughout the property. A backflow preventer is an essential part of the system that only permits water to flow one direction. Use this guide to find out more about backflow, the benefits of prevention, and how a plumber can install one in your home or business.

A Guide to Plumbing & Backflow Prevention

What is backflow?

Waterplumber enters your property through pipes connected to a main water supply line. This water is supposed to flow only one direction—into the property.

System pressure changes, such as frozen pipes, water main breaks, and fire hydrant usage can result in reversed water flow. These issues will cause water from the home to flow back into the main water supply line. The opposite can also occur if the direction is reversed for outgoing pipes.  

Why is it a problem?

Backflow will contaminate the public’s main water supply. It can result in harmful agents like soap from dishwashers and showers, chlorine from pools, or even human waste entering the water supply.

How does a backflow prevention system work?

This device is installed on a pipe and acts as a one-way gate, ensuring water will flow in only one direction. A prevention valve will stop any water from flowing backward through the pipes.

Why should the system be tested?

Several factors can contribute to its lifespan, including the quality and pressure of your water, the environment, and how often it’s used.

Regular testing from a plumber will ensure your system is in working order. All backflow preventers have built-in ports to allow for testing. A plumber will use a special kit to check for valve functionality. About 5% of valves fail their test. However, fixes can be as simple as replacing an O-ring.


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