One of the most critical components of any successful restaurant is its HVAC system. Depending on the season, it keeps patrons warm or cool, allowing them to enjoy their food in a relaxing atmosphere. Use this guide for more information about restaurant heating and cooling systems and why routine maintenance is essential.

What You Need to Know About Restaurant HVAC Systems

How Do They Differ From Residential Systems?

Because commercial systems have more space to heat and cool, they’re larger than residential versions. Their drainage networks are subsequently larger and include multiple pipes and drain pans for efficient evaporation. Commercial placement varies as well, as the outdoor components are installed on top of the building, while residential units sit outside on the ground.

HVACRestaurant systems also have parts designed exclusively for food establishment settings. These features include variable exhaust controls that save energy by accommodating kitchen hood exhaust levels, ventilation equipment to control fluctuating temperatures between the dining and kitchen areas, and an air exchanger to thoroughly warm or cool the air outside before releasing it into the kitchen.

What Are Some Common Problems?

Since temperatures can change rapidly inside a restaurant kitchen, the HVAC system must make quick adjustments to keep the cooking, dining, and waiting areas comfortable. A poor-quality system that lacks this flexibility can create serious temperature issues.

It must also handle incoming pollutants from cooking byproducts to avoid contaminating food, drinks, and air. Food particles, grease, smoke, and cleaning supplies can compromise temperature control by reducing air filter capabilities. Insufficient ventilation and air exchange between indoor and outdoor units can result in poor air quality, drafts, and lower energy efficiency.

Routine maintenance such as periodic filter changes, ductwork sealing and repairs, and annual contractor inspections will keep restaurant HVAC’s working efficiently. Depending on your system's age, you may want to review the approved ENERGY STAR® models designed exclusively for restaurant use. 


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