Restaurants must have a fully functioning HVAC system to create a safe and welcoming environment. Not only do guests need to be comfortable, but the kitchen staff must also have secure and reliable ventilation channels. Use the following guide to learn more about professional HVAC equipment installation and the importance of regular maintenance.

What Restaurateurs Should Know About Commercial HVAC Systems

How Do They Differ From Residential Systems?

Residential systems are primarily designed to provide reliable heating and cooling distribution. While commercial systems must be able to properly distribute air, they also have to be installed in accordance with industry safety guidelines for safe food preparation and storage.

Restaurant systems must also have proper ventilation to minimize kitchen fire hazards. To determine what system will work best, contractors will take into account the size of the restaurant and its kitchen and refrigeration areas. 

What Are Common Equipment Issues?

HVACInconsistent temperature levels are one of the main repair requests for restaurant heating and cooling systems. Guests may complain that the environment is too warm or drafty. The system must be able to properly regulate temperatures in different areas, keeping the kitchen cool without letting the heat from cooking escape into the dining room.

The lack of proper ventilation in cooking areas is another common equipment problem. Worn or damaged exhaust systems and hoods can impede airflow, trapping smoke and other air pollutants in the kitchen. Airflow reduction systems are also needed to keep HVAC fans from overexerting and increasing energy bills. 

Why Is Regular Maintenance Important?

Routine maintenance ensures a restaurant’s HVAC system is working properly to keep guests and employees safe and comfortable. Professional technicians will do a thorough inspection to detect leaks or obstructions that can cause heating and cooling problems.

Annual or bi-annual maintenance appointments give you the opportunity to replace old components and dirty filters and clean out the air ducts. Regular maintenance can identify minor issues early on, preventing larger and more costly repairs in the future.


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